15.08.17 - preview 2nd round

MATCHDAY : SATURDAY 19th of Aug., 2017


group A:


5 pm    TSV PEITING - ASV KALTERN HLS                                  _ : _


4 pm    EC EBRA AITERHOFEN - ESV JIMMY WIEN                     _ : _




group B:


3 pm   RSU LEITERSDORF - ESC AM BACHTEL                         _ :  _


4 pm   ISC BISONS BREST - SV MÜHLHAUSEN                         _ : _



group C:

4 pm   ESC LUTTACH - EC PASSAU/NEUSTIFT                          _ : _               


5 pm   SU ST. WILLIBALD - ASVÖ SV LICHTENBERG                 _ : _



12.08.17 - results of 1st round

Since Saturday our first Champions League is running - here are the results


ESV Jimmy Wien - EV Rottendorf           6 : 4

ASV Kaltern HLS - EC EBRA Aiterhofen  3 : 7


ESC Am Bachtel - ASV Rodeneck            2 : 8

SV Mühlhausen - RSU Leitersdorf          1 : 9


EC Passau/Neustift - TSV Buchbach      8 : 2

ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg - ESC Luttach       7 : 3


17.07.17 - Info Sheets of all teams...

Now you can download a full description of the participants of our 1st European Stocksport Champions League. In three weeks the qualifying games will start, the teams of all nations take the last preparations for there games. The 1st round starts on 12th of August with the first six matches. The full schedule of the three qualifying groups is also included.


Info Folder Online PDF ca 8 MB
a compact infofolder 20 sheets with infos like schedule, 15 teams with players, their homepages...
INFO FOLDER 2017 A-C alle Teams 31.7. ON
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.8 MB

22.05.2017 - Italian Championships 2017

Last weekend the last 3 participants for the European Stocksport Champions League was determined. In Terlan the best 15 teams of Italy fight in the SERIE A on Saturday and Sunday. The best three teams get the start authorization for the EStCL. Italian champion 2017 is ESC LUTTACH, in the final match they win 33-17 against ASV KALTERN SPORT. The third ticket was won by ASV RODENECK (36:14 again AEV Segen/Langgenhof).


Congratulations to the three teams !

29.04.2017 - Austrian Staatsliga 2017

Last weekend the actual STAATSLIGA began with the 1st round in Austria. 16 Teams in four groups starts, 2 winners in each group reach the Quarter finals, and in next step four teams will come to the Final Tournament in Krieglach (Styria) on 8th of July this year. ESV Jimmy Wien won 2015 and 2016 this Championships, they start also very sucessful.

In 2017 also the 2nd Division - Bundesliga - changed the competition modus with "head-to-head-matches" and more excitement. Last year single games were visited by 400 spectators, the Final Tournament was seen by 1.100 fans.


Our partner STOCKSPORT INS!DE created an Online-Info Magazine  you can download here - have fun with this magazine.

Staatsliga INSIDE SPECIAL vom 27.4.2017.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.4 MB

22.04.2017 - New date Round 4 Group C

ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg - EC Passau/Neustift - Round 4; Group C

the match is moved from Saturday to Friday, they start at 6 pm.


12.3.2017  VIP Tickets for Wels, 30.09.2017

If you a interested to be a VIP-guest for the Final Games of the European Stocksport Champions League, you can order tickets by Johann Hermann, email: j.hermann@gmx.at. Price per Person 100 Euro including taxes. As a VIP you have a special seat with excellent viewing,  a parking lot near the sportcenter, full hosting with meals and drinks from 10 am to 3 pm. Breakfast and Dinner with the famous Austrian kitchen will be prepared...

The final event take place in the Raiffeisen Arena Wels.

11.3.2017 - European Champions on Ice

Congratulation to all new european champions of ice stock sport!

Here are the results of Pisek/Cz:

Target competition Team: 

Women: 1. Germany, 2. Austria. 3. Slovenia

Men: 1. Austria, 2. Germany, 3. Italy

Target competition Single:

Women: 1. Susi Sohm-Armellini (Aut), 2. Veronika Gotzler (Ger), 3. Simone Steiner (Aut)

Men: 1. Franz Roth (Aut), 2. Matthias Taxacher (Aut), 3. Stefan Zellermayer (Ger)

Team competition

Women: 1. Germany, 2. Austria, 3. Italy

Men: 1. Austria, 2. Italy, 3. Germany.


Fotogallery from DESV (c) - J. Riess:



11.3.2017 - Drawing list of EStCL 2017

The qualifying groups for the first European Stocksport Champions League were found. Simone Steiner, third placed by the target competitions of the European Ice Stock CC, has built these groups as follow:

Group A: ESV Jimmy Vienna (Aut/1), EV Ebra Aiterhofen (Ger2), Italy/2, EV Rottendorf Seiwald (Aut 4), TSV Peiting (Ger 5).

Group B: ESC Am Bachtel (Sui 1), RSU Leitersdorf (Aut 2), SV Mühlhausen (Ger 3), Italy 3,

Real Brest (BLR 1),

Group C: EC Passau Neustift (Ger1), Italy 1, ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg (Aut 3), TSV Buchbach (Ger4), SU St. Willibald (Aut5).

10.3.2017 - European Championships of Ice Stocksport in Pisek

The family of Icestocksports women and men is looking to Pisek, where the European Icestocksport Championships take place.

On Saturday before the price giving ceremony will start, the IFI and the Organization comitee of the EStCL will take the draw for the Qualifying groups A-C. 15 Teams will start on 8th of August the European Stocksport Champions League. The first 6 games will start on Saturday 5 p.m.

9.3.2017 - Entry List of Austrian Teams

Di. Michael Brantner, CEO of Austrian's BOEE inform us about the Austrian Entry List for the European Stocksport  Champions League 2017 as follow:







Foto (c) Sportblick: These guys from RSU Leitersdorf qualified for the European Stocksport Champions League 2017 as a Finalist of Austrian Staatsliga in Krieglach in July 2016.

8.3.2017 - ESV Kowald Voitsberg renounced for EStCL

The actual most sucessfull team of Austria  ESV SP Pongratz Kowald Voitsberg renounced to the European Stocksport Championship. "Our schedule is more than full and our players are not professionals as in other sports, so the club decided to waive their claim of participation.", said a representative of ESV Kowald Voitsberg.



Foto Peter Andrä:  The actual champion of Austria on Ice, ESV Kowald Voitsberg, renounced for the European Stocksport Champions League.