GAME REPORT - 4th round - qualifying group C

Game C7 - 4 th round;       Fri 01-09-17, 6pm


8:20, 3:21, 11:9, 10:12, 13:13 = 45:75


ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg with: Traxler, Hager, Maurer, Öppinger, E: Wakolbinger. EC Passau-Neustift with: Christoph Schäfer, Dobler, Traunwieser, Kobler, E: Alex Schäfer.  Stocksporthalle Lichtenberg, 300 spectators, referee Herbert Hofer.


The first two roads ASVÖ Lichtenberg leads by 8-0, but then the German Master EC Passau played better and better without mistakes to win the firs two points with 8-20. Also in the 2nd set they continued playing a consistent game - Passau leads 4-0 and the Austrians also increased their performance. They win set 3 with 11-9 points but next set Passau turned to 12-10, so the match was decided. In the fifth set theyy shared the points to final score 3-7 for EC Passau-Neustift. 



Link zum Spiel Lichtenberg-Passau/Neustift von

Match C8 :

SU St. Willibald - TSV Buchbach  8 : 2

8:14, 17:5, 16:8, 30:0, 16:8 = 87:35


St. Willibald with: Schopf, Weinhäupl, Scharrer M. und E., Res.: Hamedinger

TSV Buchbach with: Brand, Aigner, Gratzl, Fuchs, Res: Hartmann.

200 Zuseher, Stocksporthalle St. Willibald.


The guests from Germany won the first set with 8-14. The St. Willibalder started a catch-up and improved their shots. So they turn the match and win the next four sets to a glorious 8-2 success.


Foto: ASVÖ SV LIchtenberg. - the winning team.