GAME REPORT - 1st round - qualifying group C

Match C5:



5 : 5

16:10, 9:11, 11:13, 13:13, 16:10 (63:57)


EC Passau Neustift with: Schäfer, Schäfer, Kobler, Traunwieser, Dobler

SU St. Willibald with: Schopf, Scharrer Martin und Erich, Hamedinger, Weinhäupl.

Stocksporthalle Passau-Neustift, 100 Sp., umpire: Franz Münch.


Both teams need full points to come in a good Position for the final rounds. The guests from Austria were closer to the victory, but they don't use their opportunities to win. Passau-Neustift must win the last set to solve one point - in the last three roads they made 13 oft their 16 points.


Fotocredit Peter Andrä/Passau: EC Passau-Neustift & SU St. Willibald.

Match C6 :


TSV Buchbach - ESC Luttach  8 : 2

22:8, 21:3, 25:5, 9:17, 13:11 = 90:44


TSV Buchbach with: Brand, Grazl, Fuchs, Kerbl, Aigner, ESC Luttach with Niederkofler, Abfalterer, Bacher, Mair am Tinkfel, Oberhofer.

Stocksporthalle Buchbach, 26.8.2017


TSV Buchbach produced a perfect start in this game, so the Italian Champion had less chances to collect points. After a comfortable leading 4-0 the Buchbach-Boys hold their Performance to win the game early. In the 4th set Luttach took the only two points in this match. For the further development in this Group we can expect great matches in the next two weekends!