GAME REPORT - 1st round - qualifying group C

Match C1 :



8 : 2

11:11, 16:8, 15:0, 13:9, 11:11


The twofold German Champion EC Passau-Neustift gave a brilliant debut in the European Stocksport Champions League 2017 with this clear victory again TSV Buchbach. The first and the last set brought shared points with 11:11, the other sets were won by the favorit - they are also favorits for reaching the FINAL-4 in the Raiffeisen-Arena in Wels/Austria on 30rd of September.  Both teams gain valuable experience for the next Bundesliga-season with this new mode.



Fotocredit Peter Andrä/Passau: Christoph Schäfer (EC Passau-Neustift).

Match C2 :



7 : 3

11:11 - 18:6 - 26:0 - 9:13 - 21:5 = 85:35


The BÖE nominated SV Lichtenberg for the preventing Champion of Austria 2017, ESV Kowald Voitsberg. "It was a good decision!", although LIchtenberg renounced the use of two players. They booked vacation in January, but the reserve team of Lichtenberg was able to win the match again the italian champion 2016/17, ESC Luttach. Especially in the sets 2 and 3 the young players from Lichtenberg showed the better performance with 18:6 and 26:0, and also the final fifth set was won by the Austrians.


On next Saturday Lichtenberg will start in Sankt Willibald (also Upper Austria) - they start at 5pm. St. Willibald have also a good team in the Austrian Staatsliga, the first division in the leading nation of stocksport.



Foto: ASVÖ SV LIchtenberg. - the winning team.