Results - 5th round - qualifying Group B

Match 9:

RSU Leitersdorf i. R.  (AUT) - ISC Brester Bisons (BLR)

10 : 0


                                       30:0, 27:3, 32:0, 30:0, 28:8 = 147:11


Leitersdorf played in best form and used all mistakes of the Bisons, so the Young team of Belarus came under pressure. After 20 minutes the Austrians led 4-0 after the first to sets. They continued with best Performance, cause they need this victory to win the qualifying Group, if Rodenek loose the match again Mühlhausen. Martin Laffer: "Again the swiss team of ESC Am Bachtel we saw, what can happen, if your strokes are not perfect from the beginning. Two weeks ago after the first two sets 1-3. And the results of the Brester Bisons were good warning for this match. Sorry to our guests, but we hope they enjoy the trip and have a lot of fun in Austria.


Udo Reichenecker, General team Manager of the Bisons was proud, altough this high defeat hurts. "After all, they classified us as a serious opponent!", he said and relativated the result. "To participate in the European Stocksport Champions League 2017 will ensure the positive development in Belarus!".


... nothing to add...





Team presentation RSU Leitersdorf (white dress) and ISC Brester Bisons (blue)

Match 10 :


ASV Rodeneck (ITA) - SV Mühlhausen (GER)  

4 : 6

 10:20, 6:20, 20:6, 19:5, 5:19 = 52:53


SV Mühlhausen took the opportunity to qualify for the Quarter Finals. They want this victory, because they arrived one day earlier and so they start in best condition in this match. The first two sets they won 10:20 and 6:20 and led 4-0. Rodeneck fought and they came close : 4-4 after four sets. In the final set Mühlhausen reflected to their goals and increased their Performance to win the match. "It was a hard piece of work..", and both teams were qualified for the quarter finals in two weeks.

One team of the qualifying Group B will come to the Finals - RSU Leitersdorf is next opponent of Mühlhausen. The match is on sat. 23rd of September, start time is 3pm. At same time Rodeneck will play against EV Rottendorf (from Carinthia).  




Foto: SV Mühlhausen/GER.