Game report - 4th round - qualifying group B

Match B7

SV Mühlhausen (Ger) - ESC Am Bachtel (SUI)  8 : 2 (74:54)

12:6, 23:5, 17:11, 12:10, 10:22 = 74:54


The Germans got the better start and were able to take more pressure in their game, so they enforced their opponents into more errors. The guests tried all, but some unnecessary errors brougt the loss of the first three sets. The fourth set was hard-fought and balanced, Mühlhausen scored with 12-10 the next points. The last set the suisse-men showed their real high-potential game and won two points 22-10.


It was the last match for ESC Am Bachtel, because next Saturday they are free of play.  For the swiss team it was a big experience, this first participation in the European Stocksport Champions League; we hope to see you next year with your nice team!


Foto Gallery SV Mühlhausen - ESC Am Bachtel

Match B8:


12:22, 3:19, 7:21, 5:21, 12:26 = 39: 109


The italian guests knew no compassion with the young team of Belarus. So they prevent a run of the Bisons and played their game in solid manner to all five sets. With this victory the climb to the leading position of the table with maximum points, cause they won all their matches. The European Stocksport Champions League is a big adventure for the Bisons and they collect more experience for another participation in this competition.


 Fotos will follow, we hope?...