Game report - 3rd round - qualifying group B

Saturday, 26th of August, 2017 

Spiel B5


  8:22, 16:10, 0:22, 24:10, 19:3 = 67:69




ASV Rodeneck with: Anton Volgger, Walter Mutschlechner, Helmut Oberhauser, Richard Amort, Res: Mathias Volgger. RSU Leitersdorf with: Herbert und Martin Laffer, Franz Unger, Franz Röck: Res: Hannes Roposa.




Stocksportanlage Rodeneck, 60 spectators, referee Weissenegger Roland.



Leitersdorf came with two victories in their luggage to Rodeneck with great self-confidence. The Austrians start as well and lead after the 1st and 3rd set 2-0 and 4-2. The Italians replied with the better finish and turned the game in their favor. They won sets 4 and 5 with 24-10 and 19-3 and are now claiming the top of the table.


Foto gallery  Rodeneck-Leitersdorf

Match B6 (26.8.2017) - 3rd round


ESC Am Bachtel (SUI) - ISC Brester Bisons (BLR)  6 : 4

11:11 - 11:15 - 6:20 - 6:16 - 3:23 = 37 : 85


SV Mühlhausen had prepared a friendly welcome for the Styrian Vice Champion of Austria 2016, RSU Leitersdorf. The guests came with their actual best team; Franz Unger celebrated a sucessful comeback after his injury. Martin Laffer is member of the actual Austrian National Team. The first set ends 11-11 with one point for both teams. Leitersdorf had more experience in this mode of the game, and Mühlhausen was visibly nervous, perhaps also in cause of the media-hype with Live-Stream, Cameras, Interviews, and all surroundings within the first international competition. The following sets were won by the Austrians, but i am sure, that Mühlhausen has learned from mistakes.



Foto: Armin Wyss, ESC Am Bachtel.