Game Report - 2nd round - qualifying group B

Match 3 :


7 : 3

                                  13:13, 7:23, 25:3, 23:7, 27:3 = 95 : 49


150 fans came to astonishment because the swiss team of ESC Am Bachtel surprised all with a good start. The first set Tobias Bischoff saved divided points with a perfect final shot on the last road. With this partial sucess brought them more self-confidence and they won the next set in a convincing way. "So we came under pressure", Franz Unger said after the match. But RSU Leitersdorf took advantage of the following break and came back to turn the match. They won the next three sets also in a convincing way with 25:3, 23:7 and 27:3. so they were doing their favorite role and remained on the top position of ranking in this qualifying group B.


Fotos: Franz Taucher, Stocksport INS!DE International

Match 4 :


ISC Brester Bisons - SV Mühlhausen 4 : 6

13:15, 21:5, 8:20, 15:17, 13:11 = 70 : 68


The first appearance of the Brester Bisons in this European Stocksport Champions League. As first opponent SV Mühlhausen from Germany, and they have lost their first match at home against Leitersdorf from Austria. In the first set Mühlhausen won with scores of one Seven and one Five very close with 15:13. The second set won by the Bisons 21-5, Mühlhausen scored only one time. In the third set Mühlhausen won 20-8. In the 4th set two easy mistakes decided the game on the last road. After 5 roads the Bisons lead 15-10 and Mühlhausen wrote a 7 to win the set and game. The fifth set won by Brest so the final result was 4-6 for the guests.


Fotos: ISC Brester Bisons.