Results - 5th round - qualifying group A

Match 9 :

EV Rottendorf Seiwald - ASV Kaltern Sport HLS   9 : 1

25:3, 21:3, 20:6, 18:5, 13:13 = 97:30


EV Rottendorf had to replace Horst Stranig, who was injured last weekend in Peiting. He suffered a muscle fiber tear on the thigh, so the junior player of Rottendorf, Kevin Kronewetter got a chance to show his talents, and he did. The Carinthians played very strongful und Kaltern felt the pressure from the first to the last set. The first four sets were won clear from Rottendorf, in the fifth set ASV Kaltern made the point of honor and with a 13-13 they excluded from the running competition.


EV Rottendorf is qualified for the quarter-finals and played in the fourth match in Rodeneck again the ASV Rodeneck on Sept. 23rd, 5 pm. They ar favorised and if they win this match, they go to the Final-4 in Wels on Saturday, 30th of September. Have you already bought your tickets for Wels? Take your reservation here on this website under "Pre sales Wels 30.9" !


Foto EV Rottendorf F. Stranig: Rottendorf - Kaltern with best friendship

Match A 10

EC EBRA AITERHOFEN  - TSV PEITING      6 : 4 (52:53)

11:6, 12:8, 8:14, 7:19, 14:6 = 52:53


Both teams needed a great victory, especially TSV Peiting. EC Ebra Aiterhofen started better and leaded 4-0 after the first two sets.  Peiting answered with better Play in the next two sets establishing the tie. But the last set - for both teams also in the Champions League 2017 - was won by Aiterhofen. 250 spectators had their fun and now they are still waiting for the German BUNDESLIGA in spring 2018. "The future begun, Stocksport will be spectacular!", a german soccer fan of FC BAYERN MUNICH confirmed acknowledging...


Thanks for this compliment, but we are sorry, cause we are not commercialised like soccer, but we really enjoy for sponsorship...



the winning team of EC EBRA AITERHOFEN.