GAME REPORT - 1st round - qualifying group A

Match 1 :

ESV Jimmy Wien - EV Rottendorf Seiwald   6 : 4

13:15 - 9:11 - 13:9 - 14:8 - 18:10 = 67 : 53


The first two games won by the Carinthians, but than the ESV Jimmy Wien find back in their solid usual form. In the 3rd game ESV Jimmy Wien start a catch-up and won the following games. Man of the match was Markus WALLNER from EV Rottendorf Seiwald with solid performance in his game, the best player of the winning team was Christian Jimmy Almbauer. The viennese players had a good finish in this match.


Match 2 :


11:11 - 11:13 - 6 : 9 - 22:6 - 10:18


The first two games were hard-fought. Aiterhofen starts with 8-0 after 2 roads, followed by three wins of Kaltern. The last road with 3 points of the guests brought shared points for both teams.  The second game starts vice versa (8-0 for Kaltern), followed by 13 points (5-5-3) of the Germans. The 3rd game became also close - Aiterhofen won 9-6 with the last attempt - he kicks out the stock of the Italian Vice Champion. 4 of 6 roads were won from Kaltern in game 4 for a total score of 3-5. With 2 points in the last game Kaltern had a chance to share the match, but Aiterhofen with better finish on the last 2 roads won this game with 18-10. So the German's "factory team of EBRA" won the match and is first leader in qualifying group A.


Foto: Hans Mulser, Bozen.