Champions League Final



With the last attempt the decision was made, who will win the European Champions League. It was MARKUS WALLNER from EV ROTTENDORF SEIWALD - if he can catch the Stock of Andi Czesniczewski (Jimmy Wien), the Carinthians could win the 5.000 Euro Pricemoney and the Trophae. But he did him not, he failed Andis Stock and ESV Jimmy Wien won the Pot and the title of the first European Stocksport Champions League.  


It was a great final day with good Sport and all spectators have their fun with this European Stocksport Champions League Final in the RAIFFEISEN ARENA Wels. With Like-Ice-ground, a perfect ground for this Sport, and all Teams were happy about this first EStCl 2017.



Semifinals on 30.09.2017

ESV Jimmy Wien and EV Rottendorf won the semi finals

The first semi final was a big battle between Lichtenberg and Jimmy Wien. Lichtenberg started good and leaded after four roads 14-0! The first Points for Jimmy Wien in road 5 and they started a point-chase to Lichtenberg, finally sucessful in the last road! The last three roads Jimmy Wien scored lucky (e.g. in the 11th road with an unlucky shot of Philip Kolb (Lichtenberg). Both Teams were shown excellent Stocksport on a high Level, the luckier Team of ESV JIMMY WIEN took the final ticket with 5 Points on the last road...


ESV Jimmy Wien - ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg   24:22

ESV Jimmy Vienna :       0-0-0-0-5-5-0-3-0-3-3-5 = 24

ASVÖ Lichtenberg :       3-3-3-5-0-0-3-0-5-0-0-0 = 22

EV Rottendorf won the 2nd semi final

Also the 2nd semi final match brought excellent Stocksport into the Raiffeisen Stocksport Arena Wels. The fine ground of LIKE ICE! was a good decision of the organizers. The Carinthians started better than Leitersdorf - they won the first two roads and leaded 8-0. Leitersdorf tried to came better into the game, but Rottendorf could answer to all attacks of Leitersdorf and brougt his leading Position to the target line! After 12 roads Rottendorf stand in the FINAL MATCH after 60 minutes.


EV Rottendorf Seiwald :   3-5-0-3-03 (14)   7-0-5-0-3-0 (15)    (29)

RSU Leitersdorf i. R. :       0-0-3-0-3-0 (6)  0-7-0-5-0-5  (17)    (23)

FINAL TOURNAMENT in Raiffeisen Arena Wels, Dragonerstraße 50:


The FINAL-4 Tournament on next Saturday will start at 9 a.m. 

1st semi final (9:30 am) : ESV Jimmy Wien (AUT) - ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg (AUT)

2nd semi final (11 am):  RSU Leitersdorf (AUT) - EV Rottendorf (AUT)

Results Quarter finals 22./23.09.2017

QF 1 : ESV Jimmy Wien (AUT) - SU Sankt Willibald (AUT)            7 : 3

QF 2:  ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg (AUT) - EC Passau-Neustift (GER)   6 : 2


QF 3: RSU Leitersdorf i. R. (AUT) - SV Mühlhausen (GER)           6 : 0

QF 4: ASV Rodeneck (ITA) - EV Rottendorf Seiwald (AUT)          0 : 6

Results 5th round, 09.09.2017

Group A:

EV Rottendorf Seiwald - ASV Kaltern Sport HLS          9 : 1

EC Ebra Aiterhofen - TSV Peiting                                   6 : 4


Group B:

RSU Leitersdorf - ISC Brester Bisons                          10 : 0

ASV Rodeneck - SV Mühlhausen                                   4 : 6


Group C:

ESC Luttach  - SU Guschlbauer St. Willibald                4 : 6

TSV Buchbach - ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg                          5 : 5

Ranking after qualifying rounds


1.   ESV Jimmy Wien

2.   RSU Leitersdorf

3.   ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg

4.   ASV Rodeneck

5.   EV Rottendorf Seiwald

6.   EC Passau-Neustift

7.   SV Mühlhausen

8.  SU Guschlbauer St. Willibald


1-8 qualified for quarterfinals on 23.09.2017


QF 1 :   ESV Jimmy Wien - SU Guschlbauer St. Willibald (Kindberg, 5pm)

QF 2:    RSU Leitersdorf   - SV Mühlhausen (Leitersdorf, 5pm)

QF 3:    ASVÖ SV Lichtenberg - EC Passau-Neustift (Lichtenberg, 5 pm)

QF 4:    ASV Rodeneck - EV Rottendorf Seiwald (Rodeneck, 5 pm)